Beat the Bolts Out of Giant Robots in Fist of Physics

Burgeoning VR developer, Midas Touch Game, has released their inaugural title to Steam Early Access today. Going by the name Fist of Physics, the title centers around beating down hulking robots in first person view, making ample use of the Vive’s motion controllers. Using found objects, like cars, unique weapons, and the player’s own fists, the game is all about dismembering the enemy, knocking pieces off of them, and rendering them so much scrap.

“Our proprietary physics engine brings Fists of Physics to life with realistic motion feedback that looks and feels right—it’s a blast punching giant robots with your fists!” said Kevin He, CEO of Midas Touch Game. “When you hit a robot’s leg, its body will sweep as it would in real life. Smack its right arm, and the robot organically sways based on the impact. As soon as you take your first swing, you’ll feel instant gratification from the power of your robot and how the enemies react.”

While the trailer (seen below) does seem to indicate that the gameplay could devolve into a bit of a flailing mess, that is actually alright by me in concept. Sometimes it’s fun to get stupid and confuse the cats. Plus, the accurate feedback that this game promises denotes the possibility of a satisfying time. In all honesty, anything that puts me in the body of a giant robot is something that I want to check out. We’ll see how this one shapes up as development continues.