ELEAGUE Major Qualifier Kicks off Today

It’s been a few weeks since OpTic took home the ELEAGUE Season 2 championships, but the teams are back in action starting today.

Sixteen teams are going into action tomorrow to stake their bid at coming home with the first Major Qualifier of the new season. The notables that’ll be in attendance are Cloud9, Ninja in Pyjamas, mouseports G2 Esports, Immortals, TyLoo, Team Dignitas, and Team Spirit.

The tournament format will go as follows: The 16 teams will be split into four, four team groups. The first two groups will consist of the bottom eight finishers from the previous Major. The other two groups will be made up of the champions and runner-ups, respectively, of the Europe, Asia, and CIS Minors and the Americas Qualifier.

Teams in each pool will be randomly matched up with teams from the other pools and everyone is trying to qualify for the ELEAGUE Major to be held on January 22-29. Once you reach three losses you’re out. To qualify you have to earn three wins before you lose three times in the Bo1 matches.

To watch all of this action you can tune into Twitch here, or test out ELEAGUE’S Game Command video player. It allows you to follow up to four players individually or have a specific team view. It’s got quite a few different options that puts you in control. You can try that out here.

The ELEAGUE Major Qualifier is set to start at 10 a.m. ET or 8 a.m. PT.