Last Call for Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Wonderful Edition

It’s been on sale since late July but the pre-order time for Summon Night 6: Wonderful Edition is just about wrapped up.  Gaijinworks’ latest RPG is getting a giant box of goodies to go with its strategy gaming, and like Summon Night 5 before it odds are good that once it’s out there will be plenty of people wishing they’d ordered.  The Wonderful Edition comes with either the PS4 or Vita version of the game, an 8″ stuffie in one of three colors, a set of four coasters in its own little case decorated with character art, a soundtrack in a full jewel case with proper inserts, and a large hardcover art book to round out the set.  The box itself is foil-embossed and sealed with a pair of magnets on the side panel.  It’s a very nicely produced edition, with a $150.00 price tag to match, but once the pre-order time is over and the game comes out that’s only going to rise.  On the other hand, if someone wants it they’ve had 4.5 months to jump, which seems like a fair length of time to save up the cash.

Summon Night 6: Wonderful Edition is only available from the Gaijinworks web site until December 16, while the regular edition will be the company’s first game released to retail when it comes out in 2017.