2064: Read Only Memories Now Set to Release on January 17

The last last time we heard major news concerning 2064: Read Only Memories, it wasn’t exactly some happy stuff. Developers MidBoss announced that they would indefinitely be delaying the enhanced port of last year’s hit Snatcher-esque cyberpunk adventure game due to issues involving development for the Vita hardware. However, they were quick to note that “indefinitely delayed” does not mean cancelled, despite past experiences with the term, and sure enough, now they’ve announced that 2064: Read Only Memories is now ready for a release on January 17, complete with a new trailer that you can check out below.

And mentioned and seen in the trailer, the new version of Read Only Memories will include full voice acting, revised and enhanced puzzles, and expanded stories and subplots concerning certain characters. Unfortunately, one thing you’ll notice missing, as suggested above, as the lack of a Vita version. MidBoss last stated in November that it would still be coming to the handheld, but whether it has been further delayed or cancelled since then is currently unknown. For now, 2064: Read Only Memories will be released for the PS4 on January 17, with an update available for the PC version on the same day that’s free for all of the game’s current owners, and as a cherry on top, a new demo is available on the game’s official site. Personally, this was one of last year’s finest games, so don’t miss out on this new chance to check it out.