Astroneer Explores the Distant Stellar Reaches of Early Access

Everybody wants a universe to call their own.  Tears for Fears almost had it right but thought too small- why rule the world when there’s so many to choose from?  Astroneer set itself free into the starry skies of Early Access today and, while not everyone in the world decided to go along for the ride, judging by its spot on the Steam top-seller list a decent percentage couldn’t resist.  Astroneer puts you in the spacesuit of an explorer out chasing the dream of adventure and wealth in the untamed interplanetary frontier.  Deform planets, reshape the terrain to your liking, and master the many worlds you’ll visit using all the tech you can find or build.   It’s a big, beautiful, colorful universe out there, and if it feels a bit lonely you can even rope in three friends to explore it with you.  The launch is a little bit buggy, of course, and you’ll probably want to unplug any VR headset you might have for the first few days until the non-VR game stops trying to use it, but there has already been one patch with more on the way.  Check out the trailer below to see just how wonderfully joyful Astroneer is aiming to be.