New Trailer Details Yakuza 0 Battle System

A prequel to the Yakuza open-world brawler series, Yakuza 0 hands control of a series mainstay to players for the first time. Finally, Yakuza fans can play as Goro Majima and experiment with three different fighting styles. Majima has access to the brawling Thug style, a bat-minded Slugger style, and a wilder, dance-oriented Breaker style. Series main man Kazuma Kiryu also has three different styles in Brawler, a more boxer-style Rush, and his scary Beast mode. There are skill trees to invest in to grow stronger in combat and players who don’t have time for a scrap can also just throw money.

See the Battle System trailer for Yakuza 0 below. Yakuza 0 is out for PlayStation 4 on January 24 next year, in the Americas and Europe.