Super Mario Run – Runs to Top of Download Charts

Never doubt Nintendo. Super Mario Run now holds the record for most widely downloaded app in its first day out in the wild. Super Mario Run was downloaded an astounding 2.85 million times. For comparisons sake, Pokémon Go was downloaded only 900,000 times in its first day.

Super Mario Run looks to be the fastest growing app in history. Time will tell, when the data shows how well it’s done in its first week compared to record breaking Pokémon Go. This all comes from data provided by Apptopia providing analytics for apps worldwide.

Super Mario Runs success could be attributed to certain factors, of course. It was released in 150 countries, whereas Pokémon Go was only released in three, before making its global debut’s. Super Mario Run had staggering marketing compared to Pokémon Go, seeing it appear on the Apple stage, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

For the moment, Super Mario Run is an iOS exclusive and is expected to be making its way to Android devices next year. Whereas Pokémon Go was free, Super Mario Run comes with a $9.99 tag, however, the first few levels are free, so customers can decide if it’s worth it. If the numbers show anything, it just might be. Nintendo has always been a powerhouse, and as they get ready for their next console launch cycle (the Switch), this goes to show, they’ve still got it.

All in all, Nintendo seems to be looking to reintroduce themselves to a new audience while holding on to longtime fans worldwide.

Source: The Verge