The Division Gets Free Trial Weekend on PC

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be free to try this weekend on PC, Ubisoft have announced. Starting now and lasting until December 18 at 1PM PST, The Division’s base game — excluding the recent Survival add-on mode (of which will finally debut on PS4 following its release on Xbox & PC platforms last month) and all additional DLC — will be available to try. However, it will only be available through Ubisoft’s uPlay service and won’t be offering the trial service via other platforms like Steam. Any progress that’s made during the trial can also be transferred to the full game should players decide to purchase the game.

A PS4 Pro update is also in the works with support for Sony’s improved console to arrive this coming Tuesday. Ubisoft have yet to specify how this update will enhance the game, though expect some sort of visual improvement from its original release in March of this year. You can catch up on what we thought of The Division at launch in our review here.