Dignitas is Back with a Vengeance

Dignitas is back in the NA LCS and they aren’t going to look remotely like the team they used to be.

Imports are a thing and with the healthy pockets of their NBA owners the 76ers it looks like Dignitas was able to score two big ones this week in Chaser and Ssumday for their League of Legends team.

Before Smeb took over the top lane there were two monsters there in the LCK. One was MaRin and the other was Ssumday for KT Rolster. Like Impact Ssumday is coming over to the NA LCS and will likely have a field day against his opponents. Though there are more imports than in the past when you’re one of the best that doesn’t really matter to you.

His partner in the jungle is Chaser who used to play for Longzhu Gaming and Jin Air. Off the top of my head there’s nothing incredibly notable about Chaser and his time in the LCK other than the fact that he was there and his name does ring a bell. Playing with Ssumday and Keane, however, makes me think he won’t have such a hard go of things when trying to get them ahead.

For the 2017 Spring Split Dignitas’ roster goes as follows:

  • Top: Ssumday
  • Jungle: Chaser
  • Mid: Keane
  • ADC: Apollo
  • Support: Xpecial

Look out for Dignitas in the upcoming split. Right now on paper they’re incredibly stacked.