Paragon Now Five Million Strong in Userbase

In a year that has seen the “hero shooter” become one of the most popular and commercially/critically-acclaimed sub-genres as of late, it was inevitable that certain entries would shine or otherwise get significantly higher attention than others. But while Activision-Blizzard’s Overwatch or 2K’s Battleborn may have stolen the spotlight — for mixed reasons — this year, Epic Games’ own entry Paragon, a more MOBA-styled arena shooter than others, has quietly been left to do its own thing, putting out updates and changes since its original launch as an Early Access title in March.

Now, nine months after its original debut, Epic Games have announced Paragon has a userbase of more than five million. Paragon’s executive producer John Wasilczyk has also stated that following the release of the game’s Monolith update, the number of weekly active users is up 44 percent while existing players (defined as someone playing the game four or more times per week) has seen a 13 percent increase. The number of returning players in general though has seen a complete two-fold increase in total.

But this won’t be the end of Epic’s continuing development of the game with a confirmation that the team will continue to update and add even more to Paragon’s content into 2017 via new characters and additional tweaks. If the physical change of the game’s map within the free-to-play iteration is anything to go by, Epic are clearly not afraid to tweak significant parts of the formula in order to get their title right with their playerbase. Paragon is available now on both PS4 & PC.