Mugsters Runs for its Life on Steam Greenlight

Run!  Run like mad, or drive, or maybe even fly like the wind, because the alien balls that are the grinding, deadly cousins of The Prisoner’s less dangerous soap bubble are relentless in their pursuit.  Walls, explosions, and even the cliffs that bind you to the path only slow it down a little, and it’s hard to rescue the humans trapped in alien vats when you’ve been snared in one yourself.  Mugsters is a fast action game about using every trick possible while on the run from an enemy that you can only hope to outwit by being fast and nimble, freeing other people on the way, and hitting the quick restart when it all goes horribly wrong.  There are a ton of short animated gameplay clips at the developer’s Twitter, and it just landed on Greenlight looking for admittance and a little love.  Check out the video below to see why it’s worth a vote, and with any luck Mugsters should clear the Greenlight hurdle in a day or two.