Screenshot Saturday Featuring Death Road to Canada, Cosmic Rochambo, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is usually for looking at all the newest screens and animations a world of developers unleash on the world but sometimes it’s also about shoveling a whole lot of snow.  Apparently it’s winter out there, but the internet is snow-free so the hazardous commute to Twitter doesn’t involve much more than possibly tripping over an unhelpful cat.  This means there’s no shortage of fantastic new images to see every week, barring those that would have gotten posted were it not for cat-related injuries.  This feature pulls a dozen plus a bonus image from the list, but there are hundreds more if you feel like doing a little digging to see what had to be passed up to keep the list to a reasonable size.  As ever, most images are animated so give them a chance to come to life and make you happy.

Canceled Refuge- One level but every time you beat it, it gets harder, meaner, tougher, and stronger. As it turns out there’s a number of ways to get past everything no matter how crazy it gets, whether that be attacking with plain old guns or a weaponized birthday party.

Unnamed- A nice little shot of summer, although maybe the peace of this scene is a little deceiving. Anyone who’s ever helped a friend move a washing machine that probably doesn’t weigh 5,000 pounds up to the third floor in un-airconditioned 90+ degree heat will understand how there’s a game in here.

Phoenix Springs- Point & click adventure-style game using a very nice painterly style. While there’s not a lot of info yet it’s looking nicely strange, and the music from the teaser trailer has more than a touch of Twin Peaks in it.

Unnamed- Random boss fight generator. The number on the boss is how many hits it’s got left before it goes down.  Simple, sure, but looking like a nicely satisfying round of bullet-hell shooting.

Theropods- Point & click adventure game where you’re a red-headed cavewoman in a world of dinosaurs, because pre-history is way cooler if evolution had worked like that. It seems likely that, if you get this scene, the best thing to do is run to an entirely new continent, or possibly planet. There’s an older version available free over at Game Jolt.

One Room Dance Club- Tweak the music to maximize its beat and send the dancers flying. The more dancers you send to audio heaven the better, because what dance club can’t be made better by sending people flying to the rhythm?

Semblance- A soft, deformable playdough world is being invaded by a hard and spiky infection. The world has given life to a piece of itself, named Squish, which you guide through the dangers by jumping into the terrain to deform it into a more useful shape. The colors and art style do a great job of differentiating between dangerously pointy and naturally curved.

Make it Random- A utility for true random generation, designed with programming in mind rather than any specific game. Randomness is important in creating a properly natural world, and as this image shows the results when used properly are very different from pure chaos.

Cosmic Rochambo- Your opponent is in the ring but it would be so much nicer if he was anywhere else, so maneuver and dash to throw him out and regain some personal space. Available pay-what-you-want over at if you’ve got a friend who could use a beatdown.

Phoning Home- Two robots journey across the wilderness, working together to survive in a very non-robotic world. There’s very little info on this one as yet but it’s looking very nice with a pine forest level to complement the desert in this shot.

Iubes:2-  Intelligent cubes, not lubes.  Basically a game about herding cats in a multiplayer competitive world on the interior of a sphere.  Your guys are smart little cubes that have their own will and respond to your actions in ways that are predictable once you understand how they think, but up to that point there may be a bit of trial and error.

Death Road to Canada- Escape the zombie plague by driving with a carload of crazies to Canada. There are a large number of different classes and characters to recruit, and not all will get along together. On the plus side the crazy cat lady is an army all to herself.

Bonus Image

Dimension Drive- 2016 has not been kind, but it helps to remember that in many ways there was some progress made. The year in general on a worldwide scale may have been a complete dumpster fire but people have done what they can month by month to keep moving forward in a million small ways.