Osiris: New Dawn Content Update Dawn of Aziel Now Available on Steam

After a brief delay from the originally intended December 15 release date, the first major content update for Osiris: New Dawn is available on Steam today. Titled Dawn of Aziel, this update is loaded with new features with a complete list of additions from the publisher follows below. To celebrate the content update, Osiris: New Dawn is currently on sale at Steam for $19.99, 20 percent off the regular price for a limited time.

New World: Aziel – Travel to the frozen moon of Aziel, three times the size of Proteus II, and discover new resources and alien creatures.

Proficiency and Skill Tree System – Level your character and spend points specializing in combat, engineering, mining and other skills to suit your play style

New Craftable Weapons – Four deadly melee weapons and the powerful Heavy Asssault Rifle have been added.

Landmines – Whether it’s for base defense or setting deadly traps, having a landmine in the inventory is always useful.

 Booster Stimulants – Synthesize 11 new biochemicals that enhance player’s speed, stamina, strength, and more

New Base Structure: Biodome – Craft an enclosed ecosystem structure to grow and harvest plants for food and medicinal purposes

Outdoor Utilities: Chemistry Lab & 3D Printer – Craft advanced materials and equipment without the need of building the Hab.

Functioning Habitat Furniture – Make use of furniture to get advanced buffs toward speed and endurance before each mission.

New Mineral Resources – New minerals have been added, including rare Azurnium.

Spaceship Inventory – Spaceship can now shuttle supplies and equipment between planets

Osiris Armored Mech Unit – The most powerful vehicle in the game at this time is fully craftable and ready to unleash its lethal arsenal.

Random World Events – From radiation storms, meteor showers, and downed satellites, the unexpected is to be expected.