Battlefield 1 Expansion Brings True Meaning to the Term Fire Fight

Remember the time when the French army was in the first world war? As of March 2017, so will Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 will finally bring one of the major players in the Great War to the trenches in its first upcoming expansion titled, They Shall Not Pass. Sounds a little Lord of the Ringsish, but hey, those words just sound great in general.

With the upcoming expansion players, can expect a slew of new content, all the standard stuff one would expect from a shooter. They Shall Not Pass will have new maps and weapons, promising to deliver on expanding the theater of all-out war.

Dice hasn’t released to much information on just what can be expected from this first major content drop, but from the concept images they are showing off, it looks as if they are focused on bringing the Great War to life even more. Things are heating up for Battlefield 1.

For those who already have a Premium Pass, or those who want to get one, Battlefield 1 offers two-week early access, twenty weapons, fourteen Superior Battlepacks and much more for the first expansion and beyond.