Lara Croft and Fallout 4 Pop! Vinyl Figures Coming Soon

Collectors can rejoice as a new wave of video game Funko Pop! figures are hitting the market. This winter, two sets of classic franchises are introducing their popular characters for fans to show off as part of a huge collection or if it’s just the beginning.

Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft receives her very own figure and comes wielding dual pistols to take on any danger. It is a very cute item featuring detailed clothing and gear. In addition to the Pop! comes her very own Rock Candy figure. This one gives Lara more facial features to make sure you know she’s ready for an adventure. The Pop! is set to arrive in January while the Rock Candy will be coming in February to keep the 20th anniversary celebration still going!

Also set to arrive in February are Fallout 4 Funko Pop! vinyls. You will be able to pick up Nick Valentine, Piper, Paladin Danse and the X-01 Power Armor all with amazing details to show off their wardrobe. There is also Codsworth and a special damaged version exclusive to Target locations. Finally, you can grab the super sized figures of Liberty Prime and the battle version exclusive only found at GameStop. There is quite the haul to be had, so hopefully you become over-encumbered.