Overwatch Holiday Comic Reveals Tracer’s Sexuality

Overwatch: Reflections, the newest digital comic book issue from Blizzard, revealed that Tracer, the beloved British speedster from the game, is indeed queer and has a girlfriend.

Emily, Tracer’s girlfriend, looks to be a regular civilian, but it seems like she does know about Lena’s vocation as an international hero. Not much more about their relationship was revealed, but they do live together, so it seems serious.

The rest of the comic has Winston hoping that his friends are having a good holiday season just like any loveable furball would, and glimpses at what the rest of the agents are up to during the jolly season.

We see Genji and Zenyatta enjoying the peace and quiet of a snowy Nepal, Reinhardt and Torbjorn spending time with┬átheir families by the fire, Pharah having what looks to be a dinner date with someone, and Hanzo sharing a cake with a younger boy. We also see some of the other characters having a more somber holiday, with Widowmaker at her husband’s grave, Reaper spying on his family, Sombra and Mcree just sitting at a bar, and Soldier: 76 and Ana thinking about the past. Mercy is reading a note that makes her smile, and of course Junkrat and Roadhog are speeding around in what seems to be a stolen car.

All in all it’s a sweet little comic for the holidays, so go check it out for free. You can find it on Blizzard’s website.