Atlus Details New Fantasy RPG from Persona Veterans

Publisher Atlus has given an interview about a new project from the lead director of the Persona series Katsura Hasino, as well as Persona series artist Shigenori Soejima, and music composer Shoji Meguro.

In the interview translated by Gematsu, Atlus revealed that the Persona veterans’ new studio has been called team has been given a name, Studio Zero and that their next project is a fantasy RPG tentatively titled Project Re Fantasy.

There is no price, platform or release date yet for the project but in the interview Atlus did say, “we’re making this for those who like home console games and love Atlus games. I think it will require a reasonable amount of time to complete, but we’re all working to deliver something exciting, so I want you to look forward to it.”

Persona 5 is the next game from Atlus, and after it’s release in Japan earlier this year it’s slated to come out in April on PS3 and PS4.