Lince Works Drop Aragami DLC, Now Available

Developer Lince Works have unveiled additional content for their recently-released, third-person stealth title Aragami. Along with some new costumes and skins — as featured in the below trailer — Aragami now comes with two additional difficulty settings for players looking for a new challenge, as well as a redefined ranking system and tweaks/improvements to the game’s performance. Best of all, it’s free.

Lince Works have stated there is a strong chance for further content updates in the neat future, but regardless of where the team go from here, it’s refreshing to see another independant title getting some further attention post-release. Though not without its flaws in the technical side, we found Aragami to still be an enjoyable return to stealth games of yesteryear through its mechanics as much its cel-shaded art-style. You can catch up on our review of the game here.