Plague Road Getting Exclusive Kickstarter Editions From Limited Run Games

Exclusive editions are a staple of any collectible hobby, whether it’s toys, comics, or video games.  It hasn’t been particularly common in gaming yet but it’s not unheard of, and when a publisher like Limited Run Games is working in both the fan and hobbyist market it was only a matter of time before alternate covers started happening.  The first was just last week with the blue cover of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, and the second is the Vita game also on Kickstarter, Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers.  (Which only has 24 hours left if you want to get on that while the getting’s good.)  Now Plague Road is also getting the same treatment, available for either PS4 or Vita.

Plague Road is a roguelike strategy game where you’re an armored plague doctor venturing from the safety of the farm and rescuing survivors along the way.  Lead them back home and the farm grows and expands, giving you greater opportunity to venture farther into the diseased heart of the land and, eventually, the city where the plague is at its worst.  Failure, of course, sees all your hard work left dead on the road.  Choose companions well and assign those left behind to the most suitable job on the farm and you might maybe survive the disease-mutated horrors wandering the land.  No promises, though.

The Plague Road campaign has cleared its goal with a week left to go, but only has a few hundred physical copies pledged.  That amount will grow by the week’s end but it’s still being split between PS4 and Vita, so both versions will be scarce even by Limited Run Games standards.  Whether you can’t stand letting a rare variant wander by or just like the look of Plague Road’s bizarre and intricate art, it’s worth taking a look at the Kickstarter and considering adding a nice rarity to your gaming collection.