Danganronpa V3 Editions Announced

Ah, the Danganronpa series. Games that are designed specifically to teach a valuable moral: trust no one, except maybe that one chick over there. These visual novels have gained a huge, well-deserved following for the well-written characters, confounding mysteries, colorful art and catchy music (the Monokuma theme is a frightening earworm). The third one is highly anticipated with good reason and NISA is on track to give fans just as much as they want with their just-announced special editions. The biggest one is the Limited Edition for either PlayStation 4 or Vita, exclusive to the NISA store itself. That contains:

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony for the PS4/PSVita

  • Limited Edition Deluxe Soundtrack
  • Original Danganronpa V3 Soundtrack
  • Hardcover Art Book
  • Ultimate Hat, Ultimate Backpack, Ultimate Headphones
  • Collector’s Box

The PlayStation 4 Standard Edition isn’t exactly horrible either:

  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony for the PS4
  • Softcover Art Book (first print run only, while supplies last)
  • Original Danganronpa V3 Soundtrack (first print run only, while supplies last)

Finally, the Vita Standard Edition is the just the game. Still worth picking up. Anybody interested in picking up the Limited Edition is encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Those things tend to sell out fast. As far as when it releases, we only know it will be sometime next year.