Original Red Faction Now on PlayStation 4

THQ Nordic has a nice festive colored treat for gamers just in time for the holidays: today’s release of the original Red Faction for PlayStation 4. Anyone who points that green is missing is wrong. The game takes place on Mars and Martians bleed green (even if they aren’t in the game).

Anyhow, this new release of the PlayStaion 2 classic runs $14.99. That price nets the player the first instance of the GeoMod engine that allows for destructible terrain, along with more guns and vehicles than could possibly be needed to stage proper working man’s revolt. As there is no kill like overkill, nobody is complaining (maybe recurring villainous company, Ultor). While it isn’t Red Faction: Guerrilla, it’s nice to see that the abysmal Armageddon didn’t kill off any willingness to bring the Red Faction series to modern platforms.