Standby Launching Soon, Demo Awesome Now

Never stop running. Just never do that, for any reason at all. Faster is dangerous, sure, but when you get to the end of a level do you really want all those extra seconds, tenths of a second, even hundredths of a second cluttering up the readout? It doesn’t seem likely, and if you can just do the level perfectly then they don’t need to be there. Standby is the latest time-attack platformer with a few simple moves and a good number of levels to use them in, complete with a demo in advance of its freshly-announced January 6 release.

Like N++ before it, Standby is a small-character game with big levels that are meant to be torn through at a lightning pace using hair-trigger reflexes. It uses a high-contrast glitchspace aesthetic to keep the action clear, and a two-button moveset for simplicity. Jump is jump, nothing fancy, but the Action button is another thing entirely. Start running and hit Action to slide, or let go of the control stick to shoot out the yellow barriers in the way, or go nuts and slide then shoot. Plain black floors are harmless but red is deadly, except when sliding across it. Get speed, slide, let go of the stick while sliding, shoot out the rapidly-approaching barrier, slide up the incline into a wall-run, wall jump into a blue boost pad, carefully time the next jump so when you go flying across the room you collect all the pips along the way, then do a ground-pound to crash through the horizontal yellow barrier between you and the run to the exit. It takes about five seconds total and could probably be trimmed down to under four with precision, which is what Quick Restart is all about.

The Standby demo is available both on Steam and at, and well worth checking out.