Watch the New Vampyr ‘The Darkness Within’ Trailer

A new trailer for DontNod Entertainment’s Vampyr was released on Thursday, giving us insight into what the community thinks of protagonist Jonathan Reid.

A few members of the town praise Dr. Reid for his commendable doctoral feats, including pain relief and helping those who’ve been harmed. But as the trailer goes on, it seems as though people are becoming more suspicious of him. There is a killer on the loose, a sickness spreading around, and Dr. Reid is the only thing to have changed in recent memory, it seems.

As we know, Dr. Reid is indeed a vampire, and is struggling to feed himself as a man of moral obligation to help people, not hurt them. We as the players will be making decisions as to whom we kill and whom we don’t, which will have a drastic effect on the town and the community’s perception of him. Check out “The Darkness Within” trailer down below:

Vampyr is set to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2017.