Lord Knossos is the Star of Gigantic’s Latest Hero Spotlight

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of us at Hardcore Gamer are quite excited for Motiga’s upcoming free-to-play MOBA Gigantic, with a good chunk of that excitement coming from the roster of colorful, cartoonish, and overall superbly-designed characters so far. We’ve previously shown you the character trailers for Tyto, Voden, and The Margrave (with Uncle Sven and Beckett also having their own showcases as well on the game’s YouTube page), and now it’s time to take a look at another one of Gigantic’s potentially iconic faces, the beefy, bull-like bruiser Lord Knossos.

As seen in the trailer below, Lord Knossos is all about the offensive by way of melee combat, charging into battle with bull rushes in order to smack enemies upward with his incredibly sharp horns, slash at them with a combo of attacks from his twin blades, or use his minotaur-inspired “Labyrinth” to summon a wall of spears that break armor and causes bleeding damage to enemies. And if the doesn’t work, he certainly has the strength to chuck a spear at a faraway foe. As the recent beta tests of the game have proven, Knossos is a blast to play with, so here’s hoping Gigantic comes out soon for the Xbox One and PC so we can spend more time kicking ass with him.