Destiny Player Solo Kills Oryx while Enraged

Here’s another video of a player soloing a raid boss. This time as a hunter and on the King’s Fall Raid.

The name Esoterickk might sound familiar to you if you follow these kinds of Destiny exploits. They’re the player that solo’d Aksis as a Warlock and spammed the Sunsinger revive ultimate whenever they could.

That’s the simple view of their tactics, but they’re insanely in-depth and difficult to pull off. Here’s part of their strategy for this raid:

Basic Strategy Overview:
While building the strategy, below the key points I made to focus on. To start with, obviously the strategy is to wait until enrage and instant-spawn kill an Ogre. For this you need 2x Tripmine and a Final Round Shotgun bullet to the head, and it’ll drop the Ogre instantly. Then turn to Oryx and stagger him, while detonating the bomb. Other than that, this is what I took note of / made a habit of doing.

Step-By-Step / Thought-Process For Every Round:

  • Lure Vessel/enemies to thinking I’m on the other side of the platform (go out of line of sight on far side and no noise, aka double jump/bullets while running to Ogre spawn)
  • Make sure ToM and Shotgun both on Final Round damage
  • Focus on hitting head-shot to spawning Ogre
  • Ogre killed, detonate bomb and use pillars line of sight to hide from Ogre’s/Vessel’s shots
  • ToM final round to stagger Oryx at the same time
  • Instantly reload after stagger, jump up onto lower part of pillar and fire 10 bullets into Oryx chest (keeps it open long enough and makes timing 100% consistent to block)
  • Oryx doesn’t fire during this period of time, high regen build will get you high enough HP to survive with blocking (anything below red bar will kill you)
  • Jump up, kill Ogre on Oryx’s next slam point and corresponding LE Knight asap
  • Focus safety and be careful of early bombs phase (can kill you while killing the Ogres if bomb hits of early)
  • Extra careful of Centurion darts (died far too often to them)
  • Survive bombs phase, jump down and use line of sight to thinking far side of Ogre spawn, repeat until 8 bombs
  • Shade phase after bombs, need to be twice as fast killing Ogre and Vessel
  • Reload prior going in, focus Shade ASAP
  • ToM final round to half HP, reload and fire again
  • If >3 Thrall, kill 3x Thrall with ToM for regen, otherwise reload and focus Shade
  • Juggle reloads/ToM Final Round damage depending on amount of Thrall
  • Triple Jump over Shade on slam, focus Shotgun damage while slamming
  • Repeat

The list gets pretty long, but that’s just most of the things to keep note of throughout the fight (and if anyone else decides they want to try it). Do that for 16 rounds and hopefully don’t have enemies damaging you for Final Stand – and done!

It’s another long video, but if you have the time you might as well check it out. Here’s a link to the full strategy.