XCOM 2 Receives a New View

The holiday season is spreading holiday cheer everywhere, even if the world is being run by an alien regime. In this case, the world of XCOM 2 is receiving a unique gift that will show off everything the game can offer.

Usually players are used to having a bird’s eye view of all the action, but now players will be able to get right down to the ground level to see what’s happening on the battlefield. Get ready to see the look of horror on XCOM soldiers faces as they miss their shots, with aliens descending upon them. This is all thanks to the development team of Firaxis having created a slew of details which bring the XCOM world to life even more. Long story short, the world will feel even more crushing/dystopian.

This feature will only be available on Steam, being a mod and all. The process of getting it all set-up is easy though. All one needs is a Steam account (obviously) as well as XCOM 2 installed on Steam. From there is a simple procedure of following certain steps to get it all set up. Having the XCOM team explain all the details though, is more efficient than explaining it here.

All in all, this looks to create for some fun unique moments which can be experienced in the XCOM universe, adding that much more joy to fighting the alien overlords.