Pokémon Sun and Moon Adventure Guidebook Coming in February

Of course a real Pokémon expert would have completed the latest games by now. But just in case, a new guidebook is hitting the market for Pokémon Sun and Moon. New help is arriving on February 28 in the form of The Official Alola Region Pokédex & Postgame Adventure Guide.

Trainers can look forward to a full listing of Pokémon, all attacks, town listings, Ultra Beast information and various other details. Maybe there’s even a breakdown on SOS Battles. Also included will be exclusive interviews with the creators of the series. It is set to be the ultimate guide for new Pokémon fans and is definitely a fun and interesting read for veterans to enjoy.

Check out the Amazon listing of the product as it shows off just a sneak peek of the Pokémon encountered in the Alola region. For just under $25.00, you can pre-order it today!