ICYMI, The First Seasons of Heaven Trailer is Quite Gorgeous

Despite being one of the first confirmed exclusive games for the Nintendo Switch, it seems a bit odd that Season of Heaven has been a bit overlooked ever since it was first revealed earlier this month. Even with a new trailer out, which you can see below, there hasn’t been that much excitement for one of the first games to hit Nintendo’s new console. Which is a shame, because what we get to see so far suggests that we may have a bit of a sleeper hit on our hands, or at least a particularly beautiful game.

As seen in the trailer, we get some absolutely gorgeous backgrounds and bits of nature, mysterious lights and structures ranging from huge monoliths to Moai heads that shoot lasers of their eyes, and our first glimpses of basic gameplay as Yann and Ani travel about these lush lands, encountering remains of past civilizations and rampaging monsters, all eerily bookended by what sound like a heart rate monitor. It seems fascinating indeed, but for those who can’t wait for it, the trailer also reveals that Season of Heaven is based on a novel as well, which you can purchase at Amazon. Whether or not the book is any good, we can’t say, but hopefully it will indeed make for one impressive game.