Pre-orders Open for Corrin Figma and Nendoroid Figures

It is your fate to collect these masterfully created versions of Corrin, from Fire Emblem Fates. She even recently joined the roster of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. Female Corrin can be chosen as your avatar in the Fire Emblem game or go a few rounds in Smash; now there are two items to pre-order for your collection.

First up is the figma figure which shows off a smooth and sleek full body design. Corrin can be posed in a manner of ways in order to look ready for battle. The cape is always flowing, armor is created with individual plates and her feet are bare to remain true to character design. Included with the figma are Yato, her powerful sword, and a Dragonstone, allowing her to transform. You can even receive the Omega Yato version of the sword when purchasing online. The figma is currently priced at ¥6,296.

Then, we have the much cuter Nendoroid Corrin. This chibi figure is still the female version of the character and includes the same exquisite details as the figma. Orders come with two facial expression plates, the Hoshido and Nohr versions of Yato, and a Dragonstone. You can even transform her into her dragon form with head and arm parts to unleash Dragon Fang Shot! The Nendoroid is currently priced at ¥4,815.

You can’t go wrong with either of these beautiful works of art. Pre-orders are open right now and end on January 26, so you will have a whole month to reserve your spot. They are scheduled to release in August 2017. If you can’t choose to side with one against the other, then pick up both!