Second Global Mission Now Open for Pokémon Sun and Moon

While the first Global Mission to catch 100 million Pokémon was a bust, perhaps the next mission will be much easier to complete. This time around, trainers are tasked to find just 1 million Pokémon but only using the Island Scan feature.

That’s right, your new mission is to scan as many QR Codes as allowed and go out to capture the Pokémon that is revealed. Reaching the goal will earn everyone 2,017 Festival Coins however, should trainers fail again, they will receive 217 for participating. If you happen to have your Game Sync ID registered, you receive even more points.

Scanning for Pokémon can be time consuming but hopefully much simpler than catching 100 million. You can start out by scanning for Magearna and visit the Global Link page for even more information. This round begins December 27 and lasts until January 9, so get started on scanning and catching some Pokémon.