Check Out This $2,000 Kojima Productions Statue

After the kerfuffle that was his departure from longtime publisher Konami game designer Hideo Kojima quickly made a deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment to form his new studio Kojima Productions and to begin work his naked Norman Reedus, invisible baby simulator Death Stranding.

However, before Death Stranding was announced to the world the logo for Kojima productions, a space suit wearing guy named Ludens, was shown off to give the public a sense of what the developer’s game was going to be about. But now they are taking their commitment to their logo to the next level by offering a $2,000 life size statue of it that you check out below.

that statue, which is being created by Slideshow Collectibles, can be seen below and is part of a limited run of 150, five foot statues all of which are signed by Kojima himself. If you’re so inclined the statue can be purchased fully for a flat rate of $2,000, or a monthly payment plan for a cool $225 a month that can be preordered right now.