Chronicles of Elyria Secures $2 Million Post-Kickstarter

Chronicles of Elyria is an MMORPG many hope to see in 2017 but for now is still in development. The developers of CoE posted a heartfelt blog discussing where the team started and how this upcoming year will be much bigger for what grew out of  a relatively small project.

Chronicles of Elyria is an MMO that features aging and dying of your avatars which is not something any game in the genre has included before. You may remember when the game first made it’s splash on Kickstarter by reaching it’s $900K goal and then some. In the blog post Caspian details how the addition of their online store enabled Chronicles of Elyria to gather around $2 million dollars in crowdfunding. The post goes on to outline how the studio grew over 2016 and milestones they’re hoping to reach in the new year.

Chronicles of Elyria is being developed by the recently formed Soulbound Studios and is aiming for a December 2017 release.