Origen is Revealing Something Soon

It looks like Origen are planning to reveal something soon as they’ve recently launched a countdown clock on their site.

If you take a visit to studio.origen.gg you’ll see a page with a countdown clock and the words “producing the new season” above it. To be completely honest this is more than likely just a reveal of their roster for the upcoming season since they currently don’t have a team, but it could be something more.

About two months ago the team announced that sOAZ and Amazing were no longer on the team and their former Mid Laner PowerofEvil has signed with Misfits. xPeke is still the manager and there was a shakeup in coaches a little while ago too so all signs point to some signings. Who they’re singing? That’s the most interesting part. There are still potentially some big import names out there but nothing that warrants this type of a preview.

Whatever it is and whoever they are we’ll find out in 3 days and 30 minutes. If you care that much you can take a gander here.