PlayStation Japan Teases Shiin, a New Third-Party Vita Game

Going into 2017, it may be easy to still view the PS Vita as a bit of a lost cause. However, Japanese developers are still eager to support Sony’s handheld platform, and recently PlayStation Japan’s YouTube page gave us a tease of a future Vita title to come, Shiin, via a new trailer seen below.

Unfortunately, all we get for now is indeed a tease, with a clip showing off a ticking clock, eroding walls, a body becoming adorned with strange bite marks, a black rabbit, and other strange sights, with the occasional static. Arguably, judging by the atmosphere, it would appear we’re looking at a potential horror game here, but it could end up being anything. We’ll just have to wait and see what else Shiin has in store as more information is revealed, so stay tuned.