CLG Announce Head Coach of CLG Black

CLG have announced the head coach for their new Challenger team and it’s Sami “Rico” Harbi.

CLG Black was formed earlier this year and will be CLG’s new CS team. They intention is to foster some of the major upcoming talent in NA and the roster was formed after the NA Scouting Grounds tournament earlier this year.

“It’s a great honor to have been appointed by CLG as the Head Coach of CLG Black, taking upon the task that is to groom challenger players into LCS caliber players. This is a testament that CLG is legitimately interested in developing NA talent. My first contacts with the players and staff have been really good, and I can’t wait to work closely with those five individuals to mold them into players and a team that fits CLG’s high standards. This will also be an opportunity to be around the LCS team and have Coach Tony use CLG Black as a valuable resource. I cannot wait to get started.”

Sami “Rico” Harbi, CLG Black Head Coach

While you won’t see CLG Black in this upcoming CS split the team should remain the same as you saw in the tournament. It looks like CLG is true to their word when they say they’re fostering the new talent as this team will have their own house and the same amenities as the other team in the LA area.

You can read CLG’s full statement here.