Live-Action TV Pilot For Trauma Team Unearthed

Sometimes, it feels a bit like certain game franchises can get forgotten about for quite a bit, despite any past success they may have had. Such may be the case with Atlus’ Trauma Center games, a series of medical simulators for the Nintendo DS and Wii. But even if you still rightfully have fond memories of these games, there’s still a chance you may have forgotten about the news that the series’ 2010 entry for the Wii, Trauma Team, would actually be adapted into a television series. That’s because production company Instavision wasn’t able to successfully get it to series, but thanks to the magic of the internet, the initial pilot has now been rediscovered recently, which you can check out below.

Apparently, the show would have consisted of four medical prodigies that end up getting forced underground and having to become renegade doctors who help whatever patients they can, in what was officially described as a cross between Grey’s Anatomy and The A-Team. While the TV series was supposed to consist of hour-long episodes, the pilot appears to be just over twenty minutes, and is obviously rough when it comes to certain areas. But check it out for yourself, and judge whether or not it would have done Trauma Team and the games as a whole justice.