Screenshot Saturday Featuring Rifter, Fictorum, Many More

The last Screenshot Saturday of 2016 is pretty much like the rest of the year, in that anything can show up out of the blue. New games and old favorites are featured side-by-side in varying states of progress.  This week sees plenty of well wishes for a better year ahead, and while the turn of the calendar is mostly symbolic it’s still a symbol with power.  What won’t change in 2017 is that every week will end with a parade of games that have moved just a little closer to completion, ready to show off the changes and maybe gain a little attention in the process.

Rise & Shine- Perky little kill-bot wants you to be happy in the new year before it destroys you.  Rise & Shine is a side-scrolling action game through the history of gaming, packed full of references to older titles while still being its own unique story and world.  Its initial concept of saving gaming from the bald space marines isn’t quite as timely as it used to be but the fantastic and detailed art more than makes up for it.

Survivor: The Living Dead-  Survive in a house under siege from the undead.  Use whatever you can get your hands on to hold out until help arrives, fortifying doors and bashing off skulls depending on the needs of the moment.  It was originally a freeware version back in 2010 but has been poking along in Steam’s Early Access since 2015.

Diesel Power- VR arcade racer that, in classic F-Zero fashion, simply doesn’t care about the artificial restrictions of gravity. It’s also not particularly concerned with planning, seeing as the track is invisible until you spawn it and the only way to win is a combination of experience, sharp reflexes, and generous use of the quick restart.

Fictorum- Meteor rain, for when you absolutely positively want to make sure a year is dead.  Factorum turns you into a powerful mage crafting spells on the fly depending on the situation and how explodey you need the results to be, fighting against the oppressive Inquisition who think that maybe people capable of destroying entire villages with a wave of the hands aren’t a great idea.

Rifter- Swing through the world at top speed, dashing and faking out the homing mines on the way to the exit. Most levels have multiple goals to chase after, and some even have a secret exit if you’re feeling sneaky.  Rifter just got a new demo this week at, so if you’ve been thinking an 80s-style neon speed-runner was missing from your life it’s absolutely worth the download.

The Yearning-  Cyberpunk vector-styled parkour action game where you can also control a spider-bot.  It’s very pretty, but the information on the game is so scattered it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it will be when done.  Whatever it becomes, though, its visual style will make it stand out.

Year of the Dog- Really, he’s just marking his territory rather than making any kind of editorial comment.  Own a dog for a year, as the title implies, learning how to deal with it as a living being rather than just another responsibility.

Badass Hero- Roguelike action platformer with a comic book feel, and the French-est sound effects around. The air-dash is looking particularly helpful, and keeping the combo meter alive should guarantee a nice flow to the action.

Unnamed- Some type of free-roaming brawler that leans more towards heavy swarm tactics than the one-vs-a-few that’s the genre standard. It’s also got cute skeletons and the bearskin-wearing hero who eats cupcakes and, for some reason, a lemon. Barbarians aren’t picky eaters.

Unnamed- Sword, gun, and high-speed full-circle camera rotation. Action scene imminent!

Space Shipyard- Ring in the new year with fireworks, which just keep exploding outward in space thanks to no gravity to pull the sparks to earth or friction to slow the spread.  Or, technically, air to allow for burning, but how hard can it be to include that in the payload?  Space Shipyard lets you build your own ship and then take it into adventure, FTL-style, in the depths of a hostile universe.

Type Testament-  This icon is about 95% of everything the game has available for info, but sometimes all that’s necessary is a vector-art deer skull slowly bobbing and flickering to catch one’s attention.  Type Testament is, as the name implies, a typing game of some sort, and hopefully its art lives up to the teaser.

Bonus Image

The Mountaineer- While the New Year’s parties this year might be more about pissing on the corpse of 2016, it’s probably healthier to look to the future rather than get mired down in the past.