Sony Reveals Every PS4 Exclusive Game Coming in 2017

[Update]: PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida has blasted out a tweet concerning the contents of the video. PlayStation EU made a mistake with their lineup. Both Detroit: Become Human and Dreams are not confirmed for 2017. Sorry for any possible confusion.

[Original Story]: A new year brings a batch of new games, and Sony has revealed every PS4 exclusive coming to their platform in 2017.

The PS4 continues to outsell the Xbox One despite not having many major exclusive games. Sony is clearly hoping to change that narrative in 2017 with a strong lineup of exclusive and console exclusive games. To help ring in 2017, Sony has published a new trailer showcasing all the games PS4 and PS VR players are getting this year.

The lineup features many obvious titles. Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2, and Gran Turismo Sport’s release dates have been known for quite some time. Others, like Dreams and Detroit: Become Human, are pleasant surprises considering we haven’t heard much from them in the past few months. God of War, Days Gone, and The Last of Us Part II are absent from the trailer as they are all still pretty early in development. The only way we may see any of these games in 2017 is if they have a holiday 2017 release date, but even that may be stretching it.

Third-party exclusives like Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age are mysteriously absent. NieR: Automata is also mislabeled as a PS4 exclusive when it is really just a PS4 console exclusive. The game has been confirmed for PC.

Here’s a full list of games coming to PS4 exclusively in 2017 (Both Detroit: Become Human and Dreams are listed as a mistake):

  • Gran Turismo Sport (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrfice (PS4 Console Exclusive)
  • Drawn to Death (PS4 Exclusive)
  • NieR: Automata (PS4 Console Exclusive)
  • Detroit: Become Human (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Yakuza 0 (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Farpoint (PS VR Exclusive)
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Matterfall (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Gravity Rush 2 (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Wipeout: Omega Collection (PS4 Exclusive)
  • MLB: The Show 17 (PS4 Exclusive)
  • New Everybody’s Golf (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Dreams (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Pyre (PS4 Console Exclusive)
  • Persona 5 (PS4 Console Exclusive)
  • Nioh (PS4 Console Exclusive)
  • World of Warriors (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Nex Machina (PS4 Console Exclusive)
  • Knack 2 (PS4 Exclusive)
  • PaRappa the Rapper (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Starblood Arena (PS VR Exclusive)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 Exclusive)

  • Detroit and Dreams are not confirmed for 2017, PlayStation UK made a mistake

  • Michael Richardson

    Persona 5 isn’t “PS4 console exclusive.”

    And what about Yakuza Kiwami?

    • how ya doin?

      Persona 5 is also going to be on Ps3

    • how ya doin?

      And Yakuza Kiwanis is a full ps4 exclusive.

  • how ya doin?

    Nioh isn’t a Ps4 console exclusive fool. The dev even stated that they have no plans to release it on PC or any older systems.

  • man, this lineup is looking bleak. I have interest in 1 of these, that’s it. Xbone’s looking even worse. Literally going to preorder a switch :L

    • There are going to be more PlayStation exclusives than you’ll see Switch games all year.

      • It’s literally January and the switch titles for the year haven’t all been announced, and you’re already making that conclusion? I smell salty fanboy. My ps4 has been gathering dust because it offers nothing that my PC doesn’t offer. Xbone and ps4 are interchangable monotonous machines that wish they were PC’s tbh. At least the switch has a sales incentive and perks that a PC doesn’t have. It gives me an ACTUAL tangible reason to own one.

        • I am making an objective assessment based on the tepid third party support and the likelihood of delays out of the launch window. If anything, you should be smelling the disappointment in Nintendo for falling into the same pattern of failure that they’ve been experiencing for years. The Switch was positioned to finally pull Nintendo out of their decline, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. Smartphone app for chat and matchmaking, no firm strategy on VC, higher price point for the hardware than should be expected compared to the competition, limited memory in the base system, extremely inflated peripheral pricing, placing 1-2-Switch and ARMS in the spotlight and not having prominent first party titles aside from Zelda at launch. Why would a third party invest in the Switch when Nintendo is pushing this system out when it isn’t ready. If Third party commitment is this tepid at launch, with the issues the Switch has what makes you think it’s going to get any better?

          I have a Switch prebooking, but unless Nintendo says or does something in the next four weeks to show a change in strategy, I have no reason to keep it. I can just play Zelda on the Wii U if I have to. There are many reasons why the launch is a disappointment, and none of which have to do with other consoles, or “salt”. I would suggest you review your own comment before bandying about the term “Fanboy”.

          • Lemme get you a list of third-parties working on games right now.
            Keep in mind this is a small portion of the list.

            505 Games
            Bandai Namco Entertainment
            Bethesda Softworks
            Electronic Arts
            Epic Games
            Square Enix
            Starbreeze Studios
            Take-Two Interactive
            Telltale Games
            THQ Nordic
            Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

            No, I am not a fanboy, in fact I haven’t bought a nintendo system since the GameCube, i’ve been PC (and used to be all about playstation). But both ps4 and xbone are disappointing, they bring absolutely nothing new to the industry. Sony and Microsoft “innovation” is a joke. Switch being mobile is all I care about, because I’m out and about during the day. Thank God nintendo exists to actually bring innovation and unique concepts to mainstream gaming, besides just a boring plastic box you plug into the wall and play games. btw didn’t read your entire comment, kinda skimmed it, TL:DR and all.

          • That is an extremely tiny list, compared to the PS4 and Xbox One launches. Most developers are playing “wait and see”, like EA and Ubisoft who are only bringing ports to the system. Objectively this launch is a disaster.
            I haven’t dictated anything to you about how you should feel, and frankly it doesn’t matter to me what you feel about other platforms. If you want to play games on the go, right now you’re much better off with a 3DS.

          • >better off with a 3ds.
            Fast forward a few months, I have a switch, and i sold off my ps4. good riddance. The switch is actually better than the expectation i was defending it for. If you have a powerful gaming PC and a Switch, the ps4 and xbox are an actual joke. The only thing you could possibly argue them for would be exclusives, and that’s just a marketing gimmick to make you buy them. At least Nintendo has a non-exclusive buy incentive in their products, the case this time being powerful mobile gaming.

          • Wow. Okay, glad you’re happy with your choices.

    • TEAB

      Prove it

    • Anthony Derome

      You say that, and yet Gravity rush 2, Nioh and now Horizon are all getting some serious critical love. I absolutely adored Nioh, i’m still beating gravity rush 1 and Horizon Zero Dawn captivated me with its style from day one xD. I admit that it’s not all exciting yet, but there’s quite a bit to love and there’s probably more coming.

    • Note5


  • chad kern

    Still no Hot Shots golf?