Surreal Psychological Horror RPG Omori Gets a New Trailer, Plus an Update

Ever since its initial Kickstarter campaign in April of 2014, developers Omocat have impressed many gamers with Omori, their surreal JRPG about a depressed otaku. As you may have guessed by looking at the starting date of the game’s crowdfunding, though, development has hit a few hurdles over the years. In a recent update, however, the team shared some details behind what was going on, in addition to a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

Explaining that the game’s release date sadly had to be delayed again in an update on Kickstarter, the developers said that the move from RPG Maker MV to RPG Maker VX Ace was essential in order for Omori to be available to Mac users as well, but with an upgrade such as this came a whole new set of bugs and issues, including a lot of plug-ins that had to be remade, to sum things up. Thankfully, if the new trailer is any indication, the quirky Earthbound-inspired adventure will be worth the wait, presenting itself as being gleefully odd and unique with just the right amount of creepiness (especially towards the end). Omori doesn’t have a new release window yet, but it’s glad to see that the developers are clearly putting a lot of heart and effort into things.