Latest GTA V Mod Aims to Put Liberty City Inside Game

Grand Theft Auto 5’s PC community, or at least the modders out there, have been known for creating some rather good looking or otherwise funny content but the latest project fronted by Team OpenIV — who have previously helped create the modding tool of the same name — might well be one of the most ambitious for Rockstar’s acclaimed fifth entry in the open-World series, by having the entire of Liberty City (the setting for both GTA 3 & GTA 4) placed within the game World.

The group clarify that Liberty City will not replace either Los Santos or any of the game’s fictional Blaine County for that matter but would in fact be a mere plane trip across the setting’s surrounding ocean — providing only a single-player experience and not an online multiplayer accompaniment. However you will need a PC copy of GTA 4 along with a converter tool in order to get the city within the game World. No release date has so far been offered up, but given the sheer scale and size of this particular mod, it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. A teaser video, which you can view below, gives PC players a taste of how to get there, if not what we might expect from a visual stand-point.