Relics and New Raid Boss Added to Dragon Blaze

The free-to-play title Dragon Blaze continues to grow as the latest update sees a handful of new additions. This isn’t as big as say the release of Chapter 4 last month, but it certainly will have players digging deep into the new systems.

The biggest new addition is Boreas, the first raid boss for Chapter 4. If you’re someone who already has all your characters geared up with Released Ragnarok U gear, then the equipment this boss drops won’t really help. Fortunately, there is a new system added that ties right in with Boreas: Relics.

Relics are essentially SS and SSS accessories that can be randomly obtained in this raid boss or bought through the raid store that are equipped to your keys. These will generally boost your defenses, health, evasion, critical damage reduction and various other attributes and can be enhanced.

Other than that, new purchases packages have been added and the Christmas themed user-interface and drop event have come to a conclusion.