Terry Crews Wants to Voice Doomfist in Overwatch

In a post to Facebook on Wednesday, Terry Crews teased that he might be in talks to voice the long-teased Overwatch character Doomfist, who is rumored to be the next playable hero in the game.

Crews’ exact words were “Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??,” and he included a link to his website, Art Buff, which had a story on his recent visit to Blizzard’s studio. The article also had Crews saying, “LOVED my visit with the geniuses at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT today, and meeting the creators of one of my favorite games! OVERWATCH! LETS GO!” So it has been speculated that this visit was not simply a leisurely one, but to possibly do some business as well.

Doomfist, like many of the Overwatch characters to be added later in the game’s life, has been teased in a few ways. Three iterations of the character can be seen in poster form on the Numbani map in the waiting areas before the match begins. Further, the Numbani¬†map features players pushing the payload that actually has the Doomfist gauntlet in it. When Doomfist makes his way into the game, it will be weird to have him pushing his own weapon across the map, but I guess who cares.

So how would you like to see Terry Crews voice Doomfist? Let us know in the comments.