Turns Out World of Warcraft Does Have a Cow Level

Like cows? How about cows inside of levels? Well if the answer to these questions is yes, then read on. As part of Diablo’s twentieth anniversary celebrations Blizzard has finally introduced the Cow level fans of World of Warcraft have been questioning for as long as the game has been around.

The cow level is no secret for those familiar with Diablo 2, and how appropriate of Blizzard to finally give fans what they’ve been seeking in WoW. This news comes from a WoW subreddit that shows just how players can access the cow level.

Once in the Cow level, players can kill all the cows to their liking. The real goal of course, is to kill the infamous Cow King which will complete the event (an appropriate nod to Diablo 2). Nothing like killing cows. Players have also reported via reddit that treasure goblins have been spotted, showing up as treasure chest icons on the WoW minimap, guiding players to all the shiny loot.

Video, from Wowhead showing off Cow level:

Aside from the Easter eggs mentioned above, there is more to be found. For instance, wild imps look like a tiny Diablo now (adorable).


Source: Eurogamer.net