Keynote, Schedule Released for PAX South

Feels strange to already be at that time again, but PAX South is just a few weeks away. Serving as a perfect excuse to escape the Midwest winter, I am very much looking forward to attending, even if the info on this years offering has been scant until today. That info has just been released, and there are quite a few interesting things on deck for the January 27-29 celebration of nerds and the games they play.

Kicking things off will be the ever popular keynote. This year’s speaker falls well within the purview of South’s focus on tabletop: Christopher Perkins. This is a man who has climbed the ranks within Wizards of the Coast, going from editor of the company produced hobbyist magazine, Dungeon, all the way to principal story designer for Dungeons & Dragons. He is sure to give some insight into the recent D&D offerings as well as, potentially, offering a hint of what’s to come.

There was also plenty of information elsewhere given about the event today. Both the exhibitor and panel schedules have been announced. One of the more interesting elements is the fact that Nintendo will have their upcoming Switch available in playable form on the show floor. What games, exactly, will be there for the platform remains to be seen, of course. Certainly Breath of the Wild, but Nintendo is remaining tight lipped until their January 12 Treehouse Live.

Regarding the panels, the ever popular Acquisitions Inc will be holding a session, which is sure to fill up the room in quick order. Another session featuring developers from Gun Media is another highlight, as the buzz around the Friday the 13th game is becoming palpable for many folks. One expects that to be an…interesting conversation.

Regarding the Friday and Saturday concerts, it’s an interesting mix. Most notable is the absence of PAX mainstay MC Frontalot. According to his website, he will be otherwise indisposed, but he will be missed here. In fact, the only act that one typically relies upon as being at PAX is Bit Brigade, where they will be playing metal versions of Mega Man II tracks along with expert gamer Noah McCarthy’s live run of the game. The only other band on the lineup that I have seen before is the OneUps. They are terrible, so it’s safe to show up late for Saturday’s concert.

All in all, it looks like this will be a rather interesting convention with plenty to see and do. If anyone is looking for a reason to go to San Antonio this winter, this does serve as a great reason. Fortunately, there are still plenty of tickets available for each day, so anyone local has no reason not to check out at least one day.