Make it out Alive from the Resident Evil 7 Experience

In honor of the upcoming launch of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, fans will have the opportunity to try out a real-life version of the game. From January 20-23 in London, you can embark on a terrifying journey straight into the Baker family home where horrific nightmares are bound to take place.

You will play the role of an investigative journalist gathering clues and solving puzzles. Uncover the mysteries which lie in the house while attempting to rescue your partner before the Bakers find you. The entire scenario is meant to play out in under an hour and have the feel of an Escape The Room-type of game.

Check out an entire listing of information on the official website which include location, proper attire, and terms of condition. Then, take a look at what to expect in the trailer below. Hopefully you’ll make it out alive.