Pokémon Snap Available on Wii U Virtual Console

Catch’em all, on camera, with the Wii U Virtual Console release of Pokémon Snap. It has taken awhile for the 1999 classic to make its way to North America, but fans of the game and newcomers can check it out once again.

Explore various terrains and environments on a mission to capture the greatest photographs of Pokémon. There are many to find including legends and hidden ones. The better your picture, the higher your score will be and that means Professor Oak will let you explore even more locations.

While the Wii U port does not allow the use of its gyroscope function, it will get Pokémaniacs back behind the camera for a fun time. You can play the game using the off-television option which is a plus. However, we can’t get our photos printed at Blockbuster anymore which is definitely the real bummer here.