Wildstar’s Next Massive Update Launching February

Wildstar’s next massive update was teased on Twitter days ago but now Carbine Studios has officially spilled the beans. The fantasy space-opera MMO with humor will introduce further character progression and new dungeons with more difficulty scaling.

It’s called Power of the Primal Matrix and it’s aimed at end-game players. Starting at level cap players will start acquiring Primal Essence through Wildstar’s many game modes. Primal Essence is account-wide so after gathering feel free to use it to advance any of your toons.

Two new Dungeons have also been revealed for the massive update. Coldblood Citadel and Evil from the Ether will add entirely new 5-player dungeons with scalable content for you to test your Primal power.

Power of the Primal Matrix releases next month but is currently on Wildstar’s Public Test Realm. Click here for all the details and check back in the coming weeks for more reveals.