Fig Campaign Underway For Surreal 2D Platformer Little Bug

Since its debut back in 2015, Fig has been pretty successful at helping acquire funding for various indie games, thanks to their method of crowdfunding with a unique investment twist. And now they’ve announced their first campaign of 2017: Little Bug, a surreal, 2D, arcade-style platformer from developers Buddy System. Revolving around a lost girl named Nyah searching for her mom in the dark woods after a car accident, players will have to use the twin-stick gameplay to telekinetically control Nyah and her companion spirit to maneuver around several dangerous obstacles, including glowing neon hands and floating eyeballs. Yes, you read that part correctly.

The trailer for Little Bug and its campaign shows off the gameplay in more detail, which you can check out below. As you can see, more than a few YouTube personalities have shown their support for the title already thanks to an impressive gameplay demo, which you can try for yourself here at Game Jolt, and if you think it looks interesting, feel free to check out the Fig campaign as well for more info and consider donating. It looks like quite the creative and engaging platformer indeed, and with forty-four percent of its $35,000 funding goal having already been reached as of the time of writing, the future is looking good for Little Bug. If all goes well, expect the full game by the second quarter of 2018 for PC, with console versions as a potential stretch goal.