Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 ‘The Far Edge of Fate’ Dated

While all the talk around Final Fantasy XIV is mainly focused on the upcoming expansion, Stormblood, there’s still at least one more large patch to come before we go to a new part of the Eorzea. Patch 3.5, titled The Far Edge of Fate, has been officially dated for January 17, just under two weeks away.

This update will include the continuation on the main story, which will act as the first part of The Far Edge of Fate, two dungeons (Baelsar’s Wall and a Hard version of Sohm Al), and more side quests. Additionally, a Trial has been added in the form of Containment Bay Z1T9, Dun Scaith is a new Alliance Raid Dungeon, and there will be even more equipment, mounts, housing items, character aesthetics and so forth. Even better, the party finder has been updated to allow for players to search for parties within different worlds, provided you’re in the same data center.

This is of course a free update and available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC users starting January 17.