Mode 7 Offer Up New Tokyo 42 Gameplay

Developers Mode 7 & Smac Games have released new footage for their upcoming isometric semi-open World title, Tokyo 42. Described as a mix of Syndicate/Grand Theft Auto free-shooting with a minimalist art-style — and showing several shades of modern-day Ubisoft, it has to be said — Tokyo 42 puts players in the shoes of a would-be assassin offered an array of choices and possible gameplay routes in order to take down desired targets.

What makes the game stand out is the seemingly distant view to add on top of its isometric perspective, not to mention quite a vibrant palette of colour and all-round design aesthetic showering the in-game setting of a futuristic, fictional Tokyo. As you can see from the video below, despite its visual simplicity, there are still numerous options and pathways the player can take to navigate around the World let alone take an enemy down. Tokyo 42 is currently scheduled for release sometime this year on PS4, Xbox One & PC though no specific date has so far been given.